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Rosik Justyna i Józef .sp.c.

[Poland]Metal spinning & Galvanotechnic & Pulverized lacquering &

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Metal spinning

As a service we offer the option to make in our company all types of metal treatment (including copper and its alloys and austenitic steel), especially as roll flowing and spinning with complex shapes e.g.: lamp, ventilation parts, vases, dishes, covers, masking frames, collars, ash pits, supports etc. We make short, single series and long, repeatable ones.

In our company we can provide full service from retail spinning to decoration or protection nickel, chrome, silver, copper, zinc, paint or lacquer layer.

Our marketing goal is client's satisfaction and pleasure derived from our product or service what is proven by granting us THE NOMINATION TO THE 'HIT OF 2007' TITLE for production and sales of high quality products.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:Wyoblanie-Metaloplastyka-Galwanizcj
Place of origin:Poniec
Brand:Rosik jR
Price:Ask for price
Price Terms:kalkulacja


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Rosik Justyna i Józef .sp.c.

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Region:Greater Poland
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Name and Surname: Justyna Rosik
Phone: +48 65 5731595
Mobile: +48 604789338
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